Famous people with Asperger

Jane Austen, 1775-1817, English writer

Ludwig van Beethoven, 
1770-1827, German composer living in Vienna

Alexander Graham Bell, 
1847-1922, Scottish-Canadian-American inventor of the telephone

Anton Bruckner, 
1824-1896, Austrian composer

Henry Cavendish, 
1731-1810, an English scientist, discovered the composition of water and air

Emily Dickinson, 
1830-1886, American poet

Thomas Alva Edison, 
1847-1931, American inventor

Albert Einstein, 
1879-1955, German-American theoretical physicist

Henry Ford, 
1863-1947, American industrialist

Oliver Heaviside, 
1850-1925, English physicist

Thomas Jefferson, 
1743-1826, American politician

Carl Jung, 
1875-1961, Swiss psychologist

Franz Kafka, 
1883-1924, German - Czech writer

Wassily Kandinsky, 
1866-1944, Russian - French painter

H. P. Lovecraft, 
1890-1937, American writer

Gustav Mahler, 
1860-1911, Czech - Austrian composer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 
1756-1791, Austrian composer

Isaac Newton, 1642-1727, 
English mathematician and physicist

Friedrich Nietzsche, 
1844-1900, German philosopher

Bertrand Russell, 
1872-1970, British logician

George Bernard Shaw, 
1856-1950, Irish playwright ("Pygmalion"), critic and socialist

Richard Strauss, 
1864-1949, German composer

Nikola Tesla, 
1856-1943, Serbian-American scientist, inventor of the three-phase motor

Henry Thoreau, 
1817-1862, American philosopher and writer

Alan Turing, 
1912-1954, English mathematician, computer scientist

Mark Twain, 
1835-1910, American humorist

Vincent Van Gogh, 
1853-1890, Dutch-French painter

Ludwig Wittgenstein, 
1889-1951, Viennese-English logician and philosopher

People historically known from the late twentieth century

Isaac Asimov, 
1920-1992, Russian-American writer of scientific and sci-fi literature

Hans Asperger, 
1906-1980, Austrian pediatrician after whom he is named AS

Alfred Hitchcock, 
1899-1980, Anglo-American film director

Andy Warhol, 
1928-1987, American artist

Contemporary famous people

Woody Allen, 
1935-, American comedian, actor, writer, director producer, jazz clarinetist

Bob Dylan, 
1941-, American songwriter

Bobby Fischer, 
1943-, American chess grandmaster

Bill Gates, 
1955-, American global monopolist

Steven Paul Jobs, 
1955-2011, Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Apple and one of the most prominent figures in the computer industry for the past forty years

Al Gore, 
1948-, former US vice president and presidential candidate

Susan Boyle, b.

Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccitini, 
1987-, Argentine footballer and national team member who currently plays for the Catalan club FC Barcelona and wears jersey number 10. He is often compared in style to the famous Argentine football player Diego Maradon.

SOURCE: https://aspen.estranky.cz

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