What is this Asperger?

Asperger's Syndrome is a pervasive disorder. autistic spectrum. Asperger's syndrome shows a disruption in the social interaction , communications and patterns of behavior. The same triad of disabilities also occurs in autism . p>

Experts are debating whether there is a difference between Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and High Function Autism . Christopher Gillberg and Theo Peeters ask themselves how to box Asperger's Syndrome: "Is this an extreme variant of normal development with less communication and imagination? Is it normal autism with a higher IQ and a talent for verbal communication? Is it a completely different developmental disorder?" ? " [ 1] Currently, AS is considered a separate nosological unit. "Asperger's syndrome has its specifics and problems, which can be just as severe, although qualitatively different from other autism spectrum disorders." [2]

Kateřina Thorová distinguishes between low-functional Asperger's syndrome and high-functional Asperger's syndrome. Children with a low-functional variant of AS show a high level of problematic behavior, which is difficult to guide by education. Such children anxiously require others to observe rituals. Their behavior is markedly repetitive, sometimes even destructive, they have a low frustrating tolerance. They compulsorily make contacts with others, regardless of the situation, or they reject the contact again. They have an impaired ability of emotional reciprocity and socially appropriate behavior. Their intellectual abilities are usually in the range of average to above average, they often have hyperactivity or attention deficit disorders. Highly functional AS lacks significantly problematic behavior and unwillingness to cooperate. Although such children have strong interests, they can also engage in other activities. Their emotional reactions differ from their peers only slightly, in social situations they seem naive and immature. They usually have average or above average intellectual abilities. Most individuals with AS are somewhere on the continuum between the two poles.


SOURCE: wikipedia.org

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